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This implementation is currently using a version of CQL defined in A Gentle Introduction to CQL [http://zing.z3950.org/cql/intro.html]. This isn't the latest version of CQL. It uses Mike Taylor's CQL-Java parser.

The implemented features are:

Simple QueriesYes
Fielded QueriesYes, fields are:
title, author, subject, keyword (the default), isbn, rid (abn/nbdid/id), form, year
ProximityMostly (in the CQL 1.0 format, rather than the current 1.1)
except wildcards in promixity search phrases aren't yet supported
RelationsYes (all, any, exact, =, on year: < <=, > >=)
Relation ModifiersNo
Pattern MatchingYes (* and ?). 'Silly' matches (*ed) will fail.
Word AnchoringNo

Field names can be abbreviated to their first 2 characters (eg, 'ti' for 'title'). The default field/index is 'keywords'.

Example searches:

  1. lighthouse or lighthouses or "light houses"
  2. title exact "fear and loathing"
  3. title all "organi?ational behav*"
  4. title = cats and auth = vonnegut
  5. title any "sucess sucessful"
  6. title exact "australia" and subject any "sports games leisure"
  7. author = ((don or donald) and bradman) not (subject = cricket or title = cricket or form = film)
  8. ((subject any "bowral mittagong" or title=cricket) and subject all "bradman don*") and ((date > 2000) or (author = "pollard"))
  9. isbn any "0007181515 075317278X"
  10. id = 000025142548
  11. keyword all "trout fishing" and date >= 1999 and format = book
  12. napoleon not subject any "france war" and date > 1930 and date < 1940
  13. title all "sydney morning herald" and form = newspaper not (electronic or microform)
  14. fat and fifty and fu*ed
  15. title=military prox title=intelligence
  16. au=the prox/<=/1/word/ordered au=the and form=sound
  17. title=dog prox/=/2/word/ordered title=house
  18. title any "dog cat" prox/<=/2/word/unordered title=house
  19. ((ti=funny prox/<=/3//ordered ti=stories) prox/<=/10//unordered ti any "children kids seven six five four three") and form=book and year >= 1989

Kent Fitch, Oct 2006

Version 0.03 Prototype service with stale data; this is not a production service.

Uses the Lucene library.